• Hello

    My name is Mark, born
    and raised in Carlisle. I am a
    passionate graphic designer 
    who takes pride in capturing
    your companies vision, creating
    dynamic and innovative designs,
    that suit your business style
    and transports your business
    to new levels.

  • Experience

    I have over 12 years' design
    experience within various
    studios throughout Cumbria,
    working on exciting and diverse
    projects from big national
    organisations to small start-up
    businesses, I have the ability
    to meet your business needs
    no matter how big or small.

  • Social Responsibility

    I'm a strong advocate in social
    responsibility and I pledge that
    1% of all my annual profits will
    be donated to The Roy Castle
    Lung Foundation charity. The
    only charity in the UK wholly
    dedicated to defeat lung cancer,
    they fund lung cancer research
    and provide family support.

  • Just say... HELLO

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries on 07709876669 or email me at hello@creative-mark.co.uk